About us

Who we are

Dan Ujeuca - Individual architecture Office operates as a cluster of smaller associated firms, highly specialized on different fields of activity very much alike the departments of a larger corporation for exactly for the reason to be able to offer the same quality services at competitive prices.

We operate within the near proximity of Galati city but we have no problem with accepting projects anywhere within or outside the state of Romania.

Our team is formed by highly trained architects and engineers that gained their reputation by proving their skills and professionalism countless times by managing to finish the projects within contracted time and budget, the satisfaction of our clients and various international awards achieved along the years.

What we offer

With more than three decades of experience in the field we pride ourselves with quite an ample portfolio of completed projects or under course of completion, starting with the architectural design of simple family houses and up to whole residential ensembles and complex buildings with various utilities but no matter the complexity of the project our clients will be treated with the same respect and professionalism.

Before we moved on to designing builidings, we mainly designed a wide range of boats types, be them recreational, utilitary or army, which is why today we offer design services for small and medium size boats which we can build in our very own production hall within the Galati shipyard.

Even though the need of recreation is just as important as the need of having the comfort of a place to live in, in Galati and Romania in general, more and more of the green spaces are being swollen by the concrete jungle that seems to be developing chaotically while the few green spaces that remain are either neglected or poorly equipped and the landscaping was done in manner overwhelmed by inhibitions, a feeling that is unconsciously transferred to the visitors. This is why we believe that the expertise of our competent architects is required to completely redo the landscaping and restore the last oases of vegetation to provide a clean, civilized and well equipped environment for recreational activities for people of all ages.

We do ships and buildings restoration projects because we acknowledge the importance of preserving the monumental and historical buildings and ships and their specific architecture of their time which are significant pieces of local history and which the future generation may not be able to admire anymore.

By the definition of architecture itself we try to combine in harmony the utility, functionality and the aesthetics of the construction object without diverting from the beneficiary's needs. The finished design will always be modern and the suggested technological solutions will be optimized to fit within the budget.

As you may already know, the work on a construction cannot start without the proper elaboration of the technical project. We offer urban counselling services and support for gathering the necessary documentation for elaborating projects going throughout all necessary phases starting with the illustration of the concept with 3D modeling and renders, feasibility studies, documentation for obtaining the urbanism certificate, documentation for approvals, technical documentation for construction authorization (D.T.A.C), technical project (P.T.), execution details (D.E.), urban planning documentation: detail urban planning (P.U.D), zonal urban planning (P.U.Z)