Dan Ujeuca - Individual Architecture Office helps you build your dream house in the shortest time possible at affordable prices and offers complete architectural design services, interior and exterior design, urban counselling services and elaborates the necessary documentation for obtaining approvals and construction authorizations as well as for elaborating the technical project

-Illustration of the concept with 3D modeling and renders
-Feasibility studies
-Documentation for obtaining the urbanism certificate
-Documentation for approvals
-Technical Documentation for Construction Authorization (D.T.A.C)
-Technical Project (P.T.)
-Execution Details (D.E.)
-Urban planning documentation: Detail Urban Planning (P.U.D), Zonal Urban Planning (P.U.Z)

We create architectural designs for both single family homes and rezidential ensembles as well as for buildings with complex functionality. However we do not limit ourselves to buildings and their interior or exterior design. We also elaborate landscape architecture projects and monumental ships and buildings restoration projects. Our vast experience regarding naval architecture allows us to design and build small and medium size boats in our very own production hall within the Galati shipyard.